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i bond ferraro sarah palin is going to be on o'reilly don't. what do you think? captioned by >> bill: "michael waltrip >> big controversy over senator harry reid commenting on "negro dialect and president obama's skin col. i'm michelle obama and i am so excited to talk with you today. >> bill: bet go aheadry for first lady michelle obama to re-enter the political world. thoughts on that. >> what does nbc stand for? >> what is that? >> never believe your contract. >> bill: and is nbc blowing up. the huge corporate embarrassment involving jay leno and conan o'brien. caution you where to enter the
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no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching u tonight. sarah palin signs on with fox news. that is the subject of this evening's talking points. governor palin agreed to do commentary right here on fnc and will begin tomorrow night on "the factor." good news for us as the governor is the more car charismatic political figure in the country right now with the exception of president obama. a loathing towards her by the press made her much stronger in the eyes of the public. her book "going rogue" is a huge best seller. her speaking fees are in the six figure range and she is a legitimate presidential contender in 2012 should she seek the office.
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last night, 60 minutes spent a large amount of time on a book that criticizes sarah palin. at this point i'm ready to pronounce sarah palin a teflon politician. no matter how they try to destroy her it doesn't stick. tomorrow night it will be fascinating to hear what senator reid thinks about harry reids it comment that barack obama was a legitimate presidential contender because he doesn't speak in negro dialect and his skin is light color. the democratic party rallied around reid and president obama accepted his apology. it as provocative statement and i believe it demeans president obama and african americans in general. negro dialect. imagine if rush limbaugh had said that, or me? >> whirling around in the
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political arena, again, we will see sarah palin right near tomorrow night. trent lott made an off hand remark saying that senator strom thurman would have made a good president. thurman, of course, was a segregationist. it is stated the party has forgiven harry reid for his jif hand remark and some say that is blatant hypocrisy. brit hume in washington. is blatant hypochris is? >> some of that in the sense that the republicans find the political atmosphere far less forgiving if they make a political comment on race than if democrats and liberals do this. they consider themselves to be friends of african americans and supporters of their aspirations and they think republicans are not.
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>> bill: i remember the senator lott think well because he was at a party and celebrating strom thurman's birthday and caught up in the moment and try to be complimentary, not thinking that thurman in the good 'ole days was one of the most virulent antiblack people in the senate. but i don't believe in his heart trent lott meant anything derogatory to blacks yet he was slaughtered by the press and the democratic party. i don't believe harry reid meant anything insulting to black americans either. i think he made a comment based on his opinion of how barack obama was presenting himself. what do you say? >> i agree with you about that, bill. and i think if harry reid insulted anybody it was the american electorate. he was saying that barack obama
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was a stronger candidate because he was light skinned and had no negro dialect unless he wanted one. this presupposes the idea that the american public is still to infected or affected by racism that it would not affect as president anybody who is not sort of partially black. anybody who was a full dark skinned african american who spoke in an african american diia electric would be rejected out of hand. i don't think that is true. in fact, i think on balance, then senator and now president obama's race was an asset to him all the way through his quest for the presidency and continues to be. >> bill: but generally speaking, liberal americans do believe that america is a racist society. >> i think that is true no, doubt. >> bill: and harry reid falls into that category and is from a state, nevada, with not a large african american population. but we come back to the central question if i had said that, you had said that, anybody who
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is not a liberal, we would have been just carved up. and not harry reid. so we are basically looking at a sew sigh city that simply is not -- at a society that is simply not honest, particularly in the media, we are just not honest. >> i think that it is not everybody in america who -- i don't think that everybody in america necessarily condemned trent lott. >> bill: no, the media did. >> media did and the democratic party did and the republicans couldn't stand the gaffe and he couldn't take it and decided to step aside as leader and that was basically the end of his political career as we knew it. >> bill: let's get to sarah palin signing on with fnc. smart move i think for the governor. do you agree? >> she is certainly somebody that our audience will be interested in. the whole country is interested in her. the fascination with her, the preoccupation with her is something to behold and it has
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endured, you know, long past the end of the campaign. still endures to this day. so she will certainly be an asset to the fox news channel in the sense of attracting an audience and that will give her a forum where she can say what she thinks and give her a chance to perhaps polish her articulation of issues. >> bill: no doubt that he think she has a political future, do you agree on the national level? >> i think she does, bill. certainly a tremendous future within the republican party in the sense she is a tremendous draw and a great fundraiser. she wants to get beyond that and appeal to a broader electorate i think the electorate will need to be assured by her on a number of counts. she will need because she is from outside of washington and purchased occasionally to be out of touch with issues to some extent, she will need to establish herself as really conversant with a great many national and international issues and come across plausible on the issues. >> bill: and she can do that
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here. >> thatle give her a place to discuss the issues. >> bill: see what she has again tomorrow. finally, you got involved in the controversy with tiger woods recommending that he might turn to christianity for forgiveness and change his life and you mentioned his mother is a buddhist and i wrote a column on bill o' that said you are right and buddhist has no concept of sin so there isn't the redemption that you have in christianity. you were accused of being a zee zealot and religion fanatic and great guy and accuse almost in quarters. >> i'm still glad i said it and ile stay again and i reiterate it here. the attacks on me have been more extensive than i expected but so, indeed, has the defense of what i said. it really isn't about me, bill. it is really about what i said and about the remarkable explosive impact the discussions of christ and christianity seem to bring about in the su public square.
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it wasn't always so but it is so today. >> bill: so you have no regrets still telling tiger woods he might consider christianity as a path to redemption. >> i hope he does. he doesn't know me from a hat rack. i don't know whether he heard or heard about my words but there are plenty of golf protectionals who -- professionals who are consistians who might approach him. >> bill: if i can get you together with him on the links on the golf course, you would go, right? >> i would take longer to get around than he does. >> bill: i will caddie because i'm a terrible golfer and i don't want to slow you guys down. if you want to read my my column on brit and the tiger woods controversy, it is on bill o'reilly tom. and later, michelle obama about to re-enter the political arena. arena. laura ingram has t t t tís
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bill o'reilly the leabill o're. >> bill: senate majority leader saying barack obama was a good candidate because of his light skin color and the fact that he did not speak in negrodiale dram. joining us in the studio, dr. mark lamont hill. can you imagine if i said that? >> see what happens when you say stuff. >> bill: and i say nice stuff. if i said i like dr. mark la montlamont hill on "the factor" because he doesn't speak in negrodiylect it would be ridiculous. >> i don't believe that biden or reid or trent lott had neutral malice in their hearts against african americans. this this case the hypocrisy by the democratic party.
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>> you shouldn't say anything like that but look at the perpetrator's entire record. you don't want to just look at his entire words. >> bill: he is from nevada. there are 17 black people in nevada, i know them all. >> 18. >> his records in terms of supporting the cbc and civil rights legislation. they want you to look at his entire record, not the one thing. >> bill: have you done anything out o of the pact to support african americans? >> i'm not. i'm not a big harry reid guy. they don't believe he is racist. >> the cbc the congressional black caucus. >> bill: but they are supporting him because he is a fellow liberal? >> i think there is also the issue of looking at his record and believing that he is not a racist. >> bill: i don't think he is a racist. >> i don't think so either. >> bill: i don't think trent lott is either. >> i can't make a case for or against trent lott but i can say that the cbc believed he was.
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>> bill: do you think there is hypocrisy in the air here? >> i use the word double standard. trent lott asked me for advice. reverend jesse jackson and he talked on the phone. and i don't think he is or was a racist and the same thing with harry reid who made a terrible mistake in the words he chose. >> bill: you set up the phone call between trent lott and jesse jackson. you did that? >> yes. >> bill: jesse gets on the phone with lott and what was lott's reaction to the phone call? >> first he apologized and talked about his upbringing and his insensitivity and his knowledge that what he said was terribly insensitive and asked his forgiveness. >> bill: and what did jackson say? >> he not only said i forgive you and i accept your apology but then said let us pray and
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the two of them together prayed and t was a moving moment as i believe in the case of harry reid you are exactly correct there isn't a mean bone in this good hearted man and he said something he shouldn't have said. all of us do. >> bill: why isn't he praying with mr. jackson? why didn't you set him up with jesse jackson so they could pray? >> he didn't call me, i might have done that. >> bill: i think you should be praying on both sides. >> harry reid has reached out to many black leaders to apologize. i don't necessarily believe that when a white person says something racist they need to reach out to the racial leaders. >> bill: you say it is racist but it is just a mistake. aren't youen titled to mistakes in life? >> i think the use of the word negro dialect was a mistake. i think he meant what he said but it's right. >> bill: it is not racist, is it? >> the assessment wasn't racist. the fact that people would rather vote for a light skin
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the black than a dark skinned. >> bill: and you believe that? >> absolutely. >> bill: do you believe that, davis? >> i don't believe that. i certainly think that an articulate and effective sarah palin can get selected as president just as i believe a person of lighter or darker skin color. i do not believe using the word racist when someone has a verbal gaffe that is not in his heart and that was my judgment on harry reid and that is my judgment on trent lott. speaking of double standards where were the republicans defending trent lott the way that you see democrats defending harry reid? says something about the respective loyalties of both parties. >> bill: i don't know about that. there were some republicans but everybody is afraid, everybody is afraid on the right. >> not many. >> bill: -- for being demonized as a racist. they tried to do it to me. trent lott's comment was outrageous, though.
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>> he was standing there at a birthday party for an old guy trying to make him feel good. >> there was more to it than that. you he described it assaying he would have been a great president. no, he said we wouldn't have had problems we had and those are integration. >> bill: i think trent lott wanted to make the old guy feel good! that's all. it was no more than that. >> what makes the segregationists feel good is racism so that is the problem. that the' what makes them feel good. >> bill: at that point in his life, strom thurman wasn't thinking anything. he is going hey, i'm happy to be alive. >> that's mean. >> bill: he was 112. >> a statute of limitations on racism. once you hit 112 you're done. >> i have to go. happy to hear that you and jesse jackson are such good
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friends. next, "new york times" columnist labels the president no drama obama. warren williams has some thoughts moments away. to be a good father is the most important job in a man's life, but it doesn't have to be hard. play catch, go to a park, or visit a zoo. help your child with their homework. sit down together for dinner. ask them how their day was. things get busy, and sometimes we all fall short, but the smallest moments can have the biggest impact on a child's life. take time to be a dad today.
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>> bill: "new york times"
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columnist maureen dowd is a committed liberal but not a kool-aid drinker. she will criticize liberals and democrats on occasion she wrote when barack obama failed to step up to the mycophones after the christmas terror and thanked the passengers for bravely foiling the plot, president cool reached the limits of cool. no drama obama is rest sent about the displays of emotion. the spook in him needs to exert mental and emotional control but it is no the okay to be cool about national security when americans are scared ." joining us from washington with reaction mary catherine hammond and juan williams. i want you take on the reid debacle. >> i don't see it, bill. i think that what trent lott said was if segregationists had won in '48 it would have been less problems for the country. i don't see that that is not offensive. i wouldn't be sitting here talking to you. i don't see that is palatable
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and i think that is racist. what senator reid said, is is aanachronistic talking about negro diylect and this goes back to intermarriage and mixture and this discussion takes place in the black community. >> were you offended by the comments by reid? >> i was not offended. to me it was like a 70-year-old guy which is what he is talking about something that he made a mistake to get into that briar patch and should never have stepped it in it and he made a mistake and if he was talking to me i would have been like what is in this man's mind, is he gone crazy or something? but in terms of saying he is racist, i don't see that. >> bill: no drama obama. i have said this from the jump that one of the things that barack obama has difficulty with is identifying with how the folks are feeling and when
5:23 am
you have a buy i guy trying tow up a jet liner on christmas day and comes it close to doing it and you don't say anything for three days and when you do you are dispassionate, it kind of hurts the president and that is what ms. dowd is referring to, correct? >> part of the problem is that he didn't talk, he s the talkingest president in the history of the nation and he didn't talk on that occasion it is where he chooses to talk and not talk. didn't everyone on the right write this column last year and say this guy is a vote present kind of guy and stands back and doesn't make a lot of decisions boldly. perhapses that mean he that he is not experienced and might be a dobbler on the decisions that are important ones you become president. she gives him more benefit of the doubt than i do. i think some are coming to the
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grips that this is not the guy that they were sold on. >> bill: i said when obama went to westpoint to talk about afghanistan in front of the cadets and all of the cadets fell asleep because the speech was so barring that we needed a general paton up there to rally the troops to win rather than a guy talk like a constitutional lawyer. i think he wants to win in afghanistan and wants to defeat terror but doesn't show that much emotion because he wants to be mr. cool or something. >> you know, last week you and i had this discussion and i don't want to stoke your ego because it doesn't need any. let me say this, you were right. you said to me last week, you said this is about emotion and i was saying let's look at this logically how we best go about defeating terrorism and let's look at it and and then i just come to realize that obama does
5:25 am
need to stand up. i think this s watershed to get maureen dowd in this position. what you are seeing here is the left coming to terms as mary catherine is saying. to have her say we need a strong father figure who is going to protect us and say you know what, these guys are out to kill us and we better do stuff right now to stop them from killing us. that kind of passion and that emotion is an element in this political equation that i think you are right to say must be included in the way that barack obama deals with it. >> bill: comes under the heading of motivation. you have to motivate the nation to join together as president obama wants to do to defeat these people but it also has to do with leadership. if you have a football team and you go in at halftime and you are down by ten points and you go, okay, guys we really should win because we are being paid to win. you grab them and you get them going and obama has a very hard time with that. a very hard time with it.
5:26 am
>> he does and you say it is a style problem, not that he doesn't want these things. that may be true but style is what got him elected so now we have an issue. >> cool got him elected. he was cool. >> cool style, exactly. >> bill: but it doesn't work in the middle of the. it hasn't gotten results on healthcare at home and in foreign policy. it is not getting results rallying troops for the war effort. i think it is a problem for him and a problem. >> bill: he needs a factor makeover. >> get a little louder. >> he said and i think this is right you don't want to get lock inside a siege mentality and violate every civil liberties in the book and get us back in the situation where everybody is saying we are the monster and not the terrorists. >> bill: you don't want to do that. you want to reac react appropry and the hill reaction has been understated, not appropriate to the danger that we are in. i got to go. >> but don't forget he is the
5:27 am
guy -- he goes after tea parties and dick cheney. he comes after them hard and fast. maybe he should work on somebody else. >> bill: plenty more ahead "the factor" moves along. michelle obama ma may re-entere political
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>> bill: personal story segment.
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word is that first lady michelle obama has been quiet publicly the first year her husband is in office and will reeenergy as a political force. she will champion the battle against childhood obesity. joining us with the action, fox news analyst laura ingram. by all accounts mrs. obama is a powerful woman behind the scenes, husband trusts her and takes her council. now, we don't know for sure but the word is she is going to come out and do more. is that a smart thing? >> bill, we have to go back to what she says about herself and as the washington post pointed out a few weeks ago in the big feature on michelle obama, she reminded us that she said of -- i'm i'm more people and where people and policy insect and that is a powerful statement and she has a 25% bigger staff than any first lady in recent memory. 24 full-time staffers working just for her and hillary had 19 and laura bush had 18. and she made it clear i think
5:31 am
in recent months that she is not going to be just content with doing the events at the garden and showing up at the military installations to give pep talks. i think she is seeing this legacy of theirs slowly slip away at least in the first year and she is popular so it is a gamble but i think they will put her out there a little bit more on the policy front to try to get some of the michele magic to rub off on her husband. >> bill: why is it a gamble? lara bush was literacy and childhood reading. hillary was healthcare, went down the drain. but childhood obesity? who is going to oppose chubby kids slimming down. >> after first glance is seems innocuous. the difference is in tone. you didn't see laura bush on the cover of vogue and parade
5:32 am
magazine and a whole variety of publications. she didn't have the social secretary attending the fashion shows in new york sitting front and center, you know, feet from anna wintor. you didn't see the same type of razzle dazzle push. it is constant. one month on the cover of lady's home journal and the next he is on men about's fitness and the next they are at the garden. and t is a nonstop razzle dazzle push. >> bill: i would do the same thing because there is no downside to it. >> there is a down side and let me tell you what it is. she is popular in part because she is not all that connected right now to his issues and the unpopular issues. the more she goes out there and the more she does become identified with the unpopular policies that he is pushing the more that hurts her. >> bill: i don't see that happening. their p.r. campaign is pretty smart. they put her on the covers as you mentioned. >> not so smart. they let three people into the white house, how smart are
5:33 am
they? >> bill: she didn't have anything to do with that, marching with steven spielberg. >> bill: here is how smart this is. during the campaign mrs. obama had a problem because she misspoke and said i have never been proud of my country until now and my husband is now competitive in a presidential race. >> the country is downright mean et cetera. >> so they took her out and basically said look, we are just not going to get involved in any of this kind of stuff. we will win it on our own and they did. and then they brought her into the white house, michelle obama, and they basically placed her in a position where she is glamourous and she is. she is like jackie kennedy. remember jackie kennedy doing the white house tour and doing this. >> if she wants jackie kennedy you bought into it that she is like jackie kennedy. every first lady is different. >> bill: i'm buying into the marketing. >> the marketing to what end? barack obama is at lowest level of any approval rating on any president after 12-13 months so
5:34 am
what end? >> bill: all i know is that michelle obama's approval rating is 70% so it worked. >> 55% some what approve. 37% at least some what disapprove. i don't think it is as high as you think. i think a lot of people in middle america are sick of glitz and glamour stuff. >> bill: if she sticks on cold hood obesity and problems she won't get hurt. if she gets into healthcare and all that,. >> gretchen: or backdoors into healthcare through the obesity issue. you will probably start seeing that happen. >> bill: we'll see. conann jay leno and conan o'brieieieie
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the week days of bernie segment tonight. nbc could be on collapse. the jay leno program pushed back and pushes conan o'brien back to midnight and neither man is happy about this and the nbc affiliates are near revolt, $200 million may have been lost. yet the corporate chieftain who made the decision continues to
5:38 am
hold power even though nbc has nearly collapsed on his watch. joining us from miami to analyze this and whether we should care, fox news commentator bernie goldberg. it is on the newspapers and all over the place. should anybody care what happens at nbc? >> sure, i mean in the sense that the culture matters. these are people whose names we all know. i think they should care. as for jeff zucker, who you just mentioned, i have tremendous, tremendous admiration for jeff zucker. he is imagin magic. how somebody can screw up as royally as he screwed up and not get fired on the spot is nothing less than awe inspiring. he took the number one perpetrator in late night television jay leno and forced him out. brilliant. then he takes his replacement who has lost approximately 17 trillion viewers from what
5:39 am
leno had and then puts leno on at 10:00 at night, hurting both leno and conan o'brien and causing the revolt that you mentioned among the affiliates. he will get fired in a year but the fact that he is still working today is unbelievable. >> bill: they gave him a new contract. and they are fifth -- no, fourth. cbs, abc, fox beats them. i think my tv or whatever -- >> bill: i think the food channel beats them. look, remember fred silverman with the dopey train show, the supertrain. >> supertrain, yes. >> bill: one of the worst shows ever and i don't know if most people know what we are talking about here. but they cut his head off here with machetes at nbc and now this guy ruins the network and gets a new deal. >> i was thinking about it all
5:40 am
day because i like to prepare for these things. >> bill: excellent i was thinking who does jeff zucker remind me of and it occurred to me he reminds me of barack obama. they are both harvard guys who think they can accomplish anything. they have no shortage of confidence in themselves. they were both told from the time they were teenagers if not before that they were the smartest guy in the room and that they were sun gods and they believe this stuff about themselves and then they overreach. zucker will be fired within a year, you did take that to the bank. and we will see what happens with president obama in the next election. >> bill: comcast has bought nbc and that will problem for criminal happen. now, as far as jay leno is concerned, i like jay. i have been on his program i think eight times. he has always been fair to us. his satire cuts across both bounds. sometimes he gets a little nasty, but he is basically a good guy. he is embarrassed because he
5:41 am
was set up for failure, the show didn't work, it is not his fault. then he gets a half an hour show out of 2. i don't know what that will all be about. we sympathize with jay. do you sympathize with jay? >> it is tough to sympathize with guys that get themselves into this mess. >> bill: he had n no choice thy paid him an enormous amount of money. >> how about feeling sorry for conan o'brien? he has been publicly humiliated. he may not be around. >> i think he will jump to fox. >> if he jumps this isn't good news for david letterman because then jay leno goes back to 11:30 not for a half hour show but for the whole evening. he beat letterman before all this crazy stuff happened and he will beat him again. >> bill: if o'brien goes to fox and they put him at 11:00, leno
5:42 am
gets the full hour back to compete against letterman. is letterman really my pal? do you think he really likes me? i don't know. >> just saying. >> bill: the reason this is important to the folks who probably don't even watch any of these guys is because these guys do have a bearing on the temple of the country in the sense that they can take somebody and destroy somebody. if somebody gets in trouble they can go with a meat cleaver on them and they set the agenda for who is cool and isn't cool and i say this with barack obama, you wrote this in your book, a slobbering love affair. i think that was worth five percentage points. this is why we are doing the segments. i will think it was worth five percentage points to barack obama in the presidential vote five that all the pop culture people were on his train. am i wrong? >> i don't know about the five points. could be right but i think you
5:43 am
make one of those rare times, bill, when you stumbled on to a brilliant point, that -- no, it is a very good point that when the whole pop culture is pulling for you and is making you out to be something other than a mere chicago politician, which is what barack obama is, and they are turning you into something beyond, that into a cultural icon, not a political icon, a cultural icon, yeah -- >> bill: it matters. >> gets you the least sophisticated vote with the least sophisticated voters and that gets you some juice. >> bill: and the late night guys set the tone there. saturday night live is only on once a week. the entertainment shows do a little of that. these guys have a forum every night to set the tone who they think is a good guy. >> carson was the best at that.
5:44 am
if he got on nixon or somebody you knew this was going to be on cbs news two days late year last week we were the only nuce paper to cover the promuslim demonstrations against terror it detroit. albeit they were small, about 50 people came out. and you wanted to say something about that? >> i think it is a good news bad news story. the good news is that american muslims came out with signs and american flags and said to the terrorists just because you are muslims and we are muslims we sizeot allies, we despice what what we -- we despise what you do, we are americans and your program was the only one with foot and and i think it was an important story. >> bill: i wish more had come out. >> that is the bad news but symbolically it was very important that at least a few people came out for a change and demonstrated and it should have been on the three
5:45 am
networks. >> bill: here are the results of the bill o' poll which asks do you is support airport security the way it is now. 5 p percent support it -- 57% support it and 43% do not. reality check on deck. conservative sticking up for harry reid. and attacking the tea party folks, that is not goi
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>> bill: in the back of the book segment, reality check where the truth set is us free twice a week. check one. speaking on abc conservative writer george will said this about the harry reid controversy. >> i don't think there is a scintilla of racism in what harry reid said. for once he said something that no one can disagree with and he gets in trouble for it. >> talking about the color of the president's skin. >> did he say anything false? >> these are clearly race imcomments. >> he believes the term racist is used far too often. no question senator reid made a verbal mistake. what is in his heart is hard to determine. barack obama said this "the republican party has to drive
5:49 am
out trent lott and stand up and say this is not the person we want representing our party. but on the harry reid deal the president say is "i accepted harery's apology without question and i have seen the passionate leadership he has shown. on social justice and i know what's in his heart. >> we contacted senator landrieu and she won't comment. and michigan senator debbie stabenow on lott "those kinds of comments have no place in our society but has no comment on senator reid so far. last week we aol for broadband pre-race showed you this antitea party cartoon posted on npr's website. learn to speak tea bag. learning a new language doesn't have to be hard. don't get distracted by the done fusing words -- confusing words of other options.
5:50 am
>> i think the public option is really -- socialist, socialist. >> use tea bags, stronger, more descriptive words. >> nazis. nazis, nazis. >> try speaking tea bag in every day conversation? >> would you like fries with that? >> no, nazi, socialist, baby killer. >> the npr omah ombuds person t happy with the dar tune an can. and went on to say that npr should find a cartoonist to balance the liberal guy who would balance the cartoonist in this. 51% have a positive view of america. overall, so that is good news. check five. peek speaking on the bbc. ted koppel said this about the underwear bombing attempt.
5:51 am
>> i would classify it as an absolute triumph for al-qaeda. if you were to put this in a slightly different way and ask yourself the question what is it that al-qaeda hoped to achieve in its wildest dreams, you must conclude that they could not have achieved much more if the attempt had been successful or if the plane had gone down with its 297 passengers. we have responded so intensely i think it is an overreaction because we have spent hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars. it is all that our media has been yappping about and much of what congress has been focusing on and the president has had to focus visibly his attention on it. >> bill: word is mr. koppel may be returning to abc to do the sunday morning news program there. check six. 89-year-old helen thomas still working full-time at the white house and still very curious
5:52 am
about al-qaeda. >> what has been lacking always for us is you don't give the motivation of what they want to harm. >> he was motivated by a sense of religion sort of drive. unfortunately, al-qaeda has perverted islam and corrupted the concept of islam. >> and you are saying it is because of religion? >> i'm saying it is because of an al-qaeda organization that uses the banner of religion in a per verse and corrupt way? >> why? >> it is a long issue but al-qaeda is just determined to carry out attacks against the homeland. >> but you have to explain why. >> bill: here is why, all right, here it is. these people are haters. they are like the nazis, remember the nazis? sort of had them on npr. they hate jews and americans and infidels of all kinds. there is no reasoning behind it, helen, none. check hopes that is settled
5:53 am
once and for all. pinheads and patriots. halle
5:54 am
garth brooks has not been around lately. he cut back his touring schedule to spend more time with his family but now will brooks and rodeo professionals are trying to raise $1 million to help poor kids who live in the inner cities. he wants to raise all the money this year in 2010. for his effort, garth brooks is a patriot. it breaks my heart but halle barry is in the stone because she and her boyfriend and baby were allowed to bypass airport in montreal simply because they are famous. er ms. berry and the canadian
5:55 am
security people who allowed it are pin heads. i would like to thank you all for making my book my biggest seller ever. yesterday, number 11 on the new york times best seller list. 52 weeks, one solid year as one of the biggest sellers in america and i appreciate all the kind mail i get about the book that has engaged so many folks. as i said, my life is your life with a few exceptions. maybe hugh hefner. now, to mail.
5:56 am
and in race cases ask you not to patronize them. we are now basically ignoring the net because things are so out of control there so it is a case-by-case deal. pauline, sedona, arizona. nice town. it is done in jest, pauline.
5:57 am
the give and take between me and beck makes the segments lively. >> bill, thank you for telling glen the phrase is couldn't careless. so many people say i could care less. we will be in 44 movie theaters across the country simulcasting our live show in norfolk, virginia. check out bold fresh for more information and if you want tour gear which is great stuff check out bill o'
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5:59 am
here because we are definitely looking out for y >> senate month jort leader harry reid speaking out for the first time since saying president obama has no negro dialect. >> apologized to the president. i've apologized to everyone that -- in the sound of my voice that i could have used a better choice of words and i'll continue to do my work for the -- >> will this cost reid his seat in washington? we report, you decide. >> meanwhile, the food police are on patrol. they are now cracking down and how much salt you can have. so do we really need the government telling us what we can and cannot jam in our pie holes? brian?
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